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Below you can find useful tips that will give you some helpful information about all sorts of automatic gate-related subjects. If you need help with an urgent problem, our experts are always available.

Check your driveway gate on a regular basis

It's very important to check the condition of your gate and its various parts every so often, in order to ensure that it there aren't any potential problems getting ready to develop into something far worse. While you're inspecting the system, you can test some of its features too, to ensure they're fully functional. Check the alignment of the safety sensors and make sure the gate opens (while it's trying to close) when you wave something in front of them.

Always keep the gate path clear

Whether it’s a steel gate or a wooden one, it is very important to warn everyone not to block the space the system usually moves through. The electric opener is often equipped with special features that help prevent it from closing while there are objects or people in the way, but those can malfunction, just like any electrical component. If the system's safety features fail for whatever reason, anything blocking the gate's path can get damaged or hurt accidentally.

Give your gate some TLC

To keep the shiny finish on your wrought iron gate for longer, give it a coat of wax once or twice a year. Your gate is exposed to rain, wind and sun every single day, and its paint job will fade if it's neglected. Give some extra protective coating every now and again and you'll see it last longer and stay beautiful for a very long time.

Make sure your gate opener is properly protected

Your gate opener is a sensitive piece of equipment. Make sure its casing is in good shape so that it will keep out rain, insects and other potential damage causes. If your opener uses a chain drive system, you can take advantage of the opportunity and lubricate it to ensure its smooth and quiet performance.

Consider an electric gate opener with smartphone compatibility

Gate opener remotes are costly to replace and you constantly need to replace their batteries. You'll be glad to hear that many modern gate opener models have the option to be controlled via your very own smartphone. This can also allow you to control the system without you being home at all, and to check on its status remotely as well. Consult with our experts to learn more about the different options available today.


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