Residential Gate

Residential Gate

Your gate repair company should be many things, but reliable overall. If reliability is what you need then you want Gate Repair Agoura Hills- Residential Gate Specialists. Our professional gate technicians

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Gate Opener

Gate Opener

Many years have gone by, but you must remember Richard Chamberlain in the film “Thorn Birds” stepping out of his car to open manually tens of different gates till he reached the ranch. This scene may seem funny today, but this was the reality until recently.

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Gate Company

Gate Company

It is of no good to the image of a property, nor to its security, when its gate is flawed or broken. It may not be the core part of your home's security features, but a damaged gate is inviting to trespassers and to wrongdoers of all sorts. Besides,

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Professional Driveway Gates Repair

Below you can learn more about the most effective services for your gate needs. These tips will be very useful when you will have rust problems or want to enhance safety and need immediate solutions.

  • Always keep the gate path clear

    Whether it’s a steel gate or a wooden one, it is very important to warn everyone not to block the space through which the gate moves, especially for those with electric commercial or residential gate openers. Serious accidents could happen and damages could occur that may require professional electric gate repair or troubleshooting.

  • Regular maintenance

    Regular testing and inspection are two of the most important steps of maintenance. This helps ensure that the gates function properly. Another important step you need to do is to lubricate the movable components. You can hire our professionals from Gate Repair Agoura Hills if you need more assistance to help maintain your gate.

  • Combine intercoms with keypads

    When you combine gate intercom systems with keypads, your security is automatically reinforced. You'll have access by using your personal code and so will every member of your family or even some visitors since you can have temporary passwords. You'll also allow or deny access to visitors.

  • Safety Features to Consider

    When buying gates, experts of Gate Repair Agoura Hills tell us to consider carefully the safety features of the gates we are choosing. Gates are for our security, convenience and safety. Gates should have sensors, photocells and force protectors that would monitor how much force is needed to open and close gates and detect obstructions. These safety features protect the gate and the users.

  • How to fix your gate’s latch

    Gate support posts that are moving can be a problem for the entire gate, as it is the cause of the gate’s latch being unaligned. It is suggested to fix this problem by installing two boards on both sides of the latch hole. These boards will then hold the latch in place when you open it. You can also use this opportunity to repair the latch in order to prevent the gate from moving.

  • Feel safe in your own driveway

    Whether you drive in or are on foot, you must feel in your own driveway. Before you put your code in the gate opener keypad make sure no one is watching you and make sure your yard has plenty of lights, which would make you feel more comfortable and confident. You surely don't want to walk in a dark garden.

  • How to prevent erosion

    If you do regular driveway gate troubleshooting, you have a big chance to prevent rust problems. You will have the opportunity to deal with problems and do rotten gate repair on time. Otherwise, rust will eventually penetrate the material and you will find holes and in this case you won't be able to do anything about it. Take care of problems early and then repaint the gate.

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