Residential Gate

Residential Gate

Your gate repair company should be many things, but reliable overall. If reliability is what you need then you want Gate Repair Agoura Hills- Residential Gate Specialists. Our professional gate technicians

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Gate Opener

Gate Opener

Many years have gone by, but you must remember Richard Chamberlain in the film “Thorn Birds” stepping out of his car to open manually tens of different gates till he reached the ranch. This scene may seem funny today, but this was the reality until recently.

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Gate Company

Gate Company

It is of no good to the image of a property, nor to its security, when its gate is flawed or broken. It may not be the core part of your home's security features, but a damaged gate is inviting to trespassers and to wrongdoers of all sorts. Besides,

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Repair,Installation and Replacement

Your search is over for answers to your gate repair and door maintenance questions.

  • How can I ensure my gate runs smoothly and quietly?

    Regular maintenance should go a long way towards helping you opener to function as smoothly and quietly as possible. If you have a chain drive system and think it makes too much noise, you can consider changing to run on a belt drive. This can reduce the noise significantly.

  • Should I attempt to repair gate opener problems?

    Absolutely not! Gate openers use a system of motors and electronics, and can be dangerous when handled by non-professionals. When you spot hitches or problems in gate opener operation, and that aren't resolved by lubricating the slide chains or rollers, then you should contact a professional right away.

  • What scenarios make slide gates more preferable?

    Slide gates have a number of advantages that make them preferable in a number of situations. As gate specialists in Agoura Hills would suggest, these gates are great in areas with uneven ground. They are also advisable in steep locations, where swing gate operators may have a hard time countering gravity in opening or closing the gate.

  • Does the gate size matter?

    The size of your gate depends on several factors including the size of the are you wish to close, the available space, and the size of vehicle you own. Sheer size does not matter if it’s the only basis, but the gate should be able to serve its purpose. Size would only matter if it’s part of the gate’s purpose.

  • What is the cost of a gate?

    This is highly variable and it could range from $1000 for a driveway gate to over $10,000 for high end gates. Although manufacturers maintain a minimum quality level, it is believed that less expensive gates could mean low grade material and hardware. Slightly more expensive gates are sure to last long.

  • How do I fix a rotten wooden gate?

    Wooden gates get rotten because of weather change and condition of its surroundings. When wooden gates are frequently soaked in water or are not protected from the rain, they easily get rotten. To fix this you need to cut the rotten portions and replace them with wooden fillers. If the whole piece of wood is rotten the only thing you can do is replace the rotten wood with new lumber.

  • Is my gate in danger?

    Wrought iron gates are very durable and won't cause problems, especially if you do maintenance service as often as recommended by the experts. Though, they are under attack by nature all the time. Sun, winds, rain, freezing cold will all make them suffer and will need frequent driveway gate troubleshooting, repairs and painting. You must also be careful when you're passing with your car because most dents are caused by the homeowners' vehicles.

  • What are the safety rules for remotes and codes?

    Access devices are very important for your security. Whether you have a gate clicker or a gate opener keypad, you need to keep them well-protected. The gate remote must be kept away from kids and not exposed in plain sight within the car and it is recommended to never reveal the personal keypad code. If you share it with relatives visiting or your kids, you should change it often.

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