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Our company offers automatic gate repairs, upgrades, installation assistance, and more. If you have a question about any related topic, take a look through our FAQ page and see if it’s already been answered.

Is my gate vulnerable to weather conditions?

As long as you maintain your gate properly and on a regular basis, you should be fine, at least for several years. Wrought iron bars can rust though, and you need to watch out for that. Wood can rot or warp, so it too will require extra maintenance. Sun, rain, and freezing cold can all affect the condition of your driveway gate, and you'll need to clean and paint it regularly to keep it in prime shape.

How big should my driveway gate be?

The size of your gate depends on several factors, including the size of the area you wish to close off, the available space, and the size the of vehicles you own. Of course, your driveway gate should be tall enough to prevent people from simply climbing over it with ease, unless it's purely put in place to serve as an aesthetic centerpiece, in which case, make it as small as you like. It should also not be too big, as that may mean it will require an incredibly powerful (and expensive) opener to move.

Are sliding gates better than swinging ones?

Sliding gates have a number of advantages that make them preferable in certain situations. They are more easily installed on a slope and are an excellent choice when there isn't a lot of space in front or behind where you want to put the driveway gate. All this type of system needs is some space next to your driveway, and you're all good. But this is not to say that a sliding system is better than a swinging one, just that each one is more suitable for different circumstances.

Should I attempt to repair my gate opener on my own?

Absolutely not! For once, you could end up doing more harm than good, and accidentally damage something else. But more importantly, you yourself could get hurt, either by getting your fingers pinched by the motor gears, or getting zapped by the electrical components. In any case, it's far safer to let an expert handle the problems rather than trying to deal with them yourself.

How can I ensure my gate runs smoothly and quietly?

There are all sorts of maintenance habits you can adopt if you really want to get the most out of your automatic gate. Even something as simple as cleaning and inspecting the system can help you discover minor issues before they get a chance to develop. Of course, different types of gates (sliding/swinging/rising) will require different maintenance practices. Make sure the tracks are clear and free from debris, grease the hinges and the opener chain (if you have one), and be sure to repaint the system annually if it's made of wrought iron or wood.

What are the safety rules for gate remotes and codes?

Access devices are very important for your security. Whether you have a gate clicker or an opener keypad, you need to keep them well-protected. The gate remote must be kept out of the reach of children, and you shouldn't leave it in your car or somewhere it can be easily stolen from. Keep it on a keychain with the rest of your house and car keys. As for the keypad, make sure to change the access codes every week or month, just to be safe.


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